Eustasis is a Certified SPRAVATO (Esketamine) Nasal Spray Treatment Center

FDA clearance and insurance coverage of Spravato (Esketamine) now allows this life-saving treatment to be accessible to patients that need it. Being able to provide relief to patients that are resistant to antidepressant medications.

SPRAVATO™ nasal spray is a different kind of medication taken with an oral antidepressant for adults with treatment-resistant depression – a first in decades approved by the FDA.

If you’ve struggled with depression and tried two or more antidepressants* in your current episode without adequate relief, talk to our Eustasis providers to see if you have treatment-resistant depression. This treatment is covered by most insurance.

This treatment is for those with depression who have failed at least two antidepressants. Patients will be required to have someone drive them home and will need to stay in our office for two hours. The initial treatment consists of twice weekly treatments for four weeks and then treatment once weekly. Ongoing treatment is usually required.

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“I no longer start off each day sad and about to cry. With SPRAVATO®, I’m starting off at a place like neutral, which is, like, the best.”

Nicole P.